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Cornwell’s Plumbing has seen plumbing problems small and huge, we have all the tools and experience needed to fix your garbage disposal.

Cornwells Plumbing - Garbage Disposal Replacement

Common Garbage Disposal Issues

  • Leaks: If there is a Garbage Disposal leak, our plumbers will fix it right up. Leaks need to be addressed immediately to prevent further water damage to cabinets and other areas.


  • Clogs and jams: If the disposal drains slowly, dirty water flows back up into the sink, the disposal vibrates, or operation is louder than normal, there could be a clog or jam.


  • Worn parts: If your disposal is experiencing worn or dull blades, worn impellers, loose mounting screws, etc. If the garbage disposal is making a horribly loud noise, a problem like this could be the case.


  • Faulty operation: Maybe your garbage disposal has just stopped working. Even if this is the case—and the problem isn’t clear—we can help. We’ll detect the source and get it back up and running again. If repair is impossible or not as cost-effective, or your disposal is old and not performing well, we may recommend replacement.


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