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  • Able to clean 1 1/2″-8″ drains

  • Kitchen, tub, sink, shower, floor, & main drains

  • Inspect drain lines & locate with cameras

  • Video of inspection available on site

  • Locate & mark drain lines

  • Inspect drains, field tiles, & downspouts

Drain Cleaning and Repair

Have a difficult clog that just won’t go away? A professional drain clean from Cornwell’s Plumbing is what you need!


Our expert plumbers are highly experienced in taking care of even the most terrible clogs and drain cleanings in Hendricks County, IN. Using the most efficient methods and latest technology to solve your drain cleaning problems.
Clogged drains are perhaps the most common plumbing problem you must deal with. Debris and waste will start to build up in your line over time. This debris collects on the walls of the pipes and reduces how much water can flow. If the debris accumulates quickly, it could block the sewer line causing water to back up into your home.


The drain cleaning services that Cornwell’s Plumbing provides can help prevent this from happening. It is important to know how often you need professional drain cleaning services in your home. Most people think of drain cleaning as pouring some chemicals down the pipes to unclog the drain. However, drain cleaning can be much more complicated than that. Hiring a professional is best to prevent further issues.


If you have residential plumbing and drain cleaning needs, contact the plumbing service that has been trusted for years. Call Cornwell’s Plumbing today at (317)-892-4044.