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Well pumps- no water? No problem!

  • Certified installers

  • Pressure tanks

  • Gauges, pressure switches

  • Control box

  • Pitless adapters

Well Pump Misc Accessories Plumbing

Residential and Commercial Certified Water Pump Service

If you are looking for top-quality water pump services in Hendricks County, Indiana, get in touch with our team of experienced and skilled professionals today! We specialize in the installation of pumps, tanks and water conditioners.


  • Yearly & Preventive Maintenance of Residential Well Water Services – New wells can come at hefty prices. Instead of breaking the bank for a new system, turn to Cornwell’s Plumbing for routine well repairs and maintenance services to maintain a functional system.


  • Well Water Storage Tanks – The tank and the controls are the brain of the system. A tank that is not working properly or not sized correctly can cause your pump to run too frequently or even not at all, which can damage your well and pump.


  • Submersible Pumps & Jet Pumps – The pump is the heart of your well system. Proper sizing of the pump is important for maximum water pressure and volume.

If you have residential plumbing and drain cleaning needs, contact the plumbing service that has been trusted for years. Call Cornwell’s Plumbing today at (317)-892-4044.